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When the dick is so good you start too catch feelings for the guy. When really your just catching feelings for the dick.
Becky: I really think I'm falling for this guy.

Me: He is not a good guy for you. You're just dickmatized.
by FreeFlow January 31, 2017
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verb or noun. When the dick makes you say/do crazy things
1. Marquise had Lyssa so dickmatized she almost broke into his home and raped him.
2. She was so dickmatized during sex, she yelled out I love you.
by BigCockholdBihhh August 27, 2016
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When a girl can not concentrate on anything else because she is distracted with the DICK of her latest piece of ass. Her work is jeopardized, she's a sell out to her girlfriends, she picks up his shit including his kids or whatever. She will do whatever it takes for the DICK. Even if the dick isn't all that great, she doesn't know the difference because she is dickmatized.
Man. I haven't seen Christina in forever; she is totally dickmatized by that loser!
by Amie Lou April 18, 2006
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Hypnotizing a chick into submission by laying down that good dick.
Yo. I dickmatized Dawn last night. Now she wants it all the time.
by Tarendactyl May 31, 2016
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This is what happens when a person forgets who they are, doesn't listen to family or friends, makes bad decisions, and overlooks everything wrong that their significant other is doing because THE DICK is that good.
After Britney Spears hooked up with and married Kevin Federline, she started to take on his traits and acted irresponsibly with her life. It was obvious she was DICKMATIZED when she agreed to do a reality show, but cancelled her tour.
by Fluffy Barksdale March 31, 2010
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