When a man gets the audacity to send you a picture/video of a dick that isn’t his!
by Susie Carmichael December 13, 2020
Using various angles to make their dick appear larger than it actually is. Using other people’s dick pics and passing it off as their own.
This dude was really dickfished me, he used someone else’s pics!
I really believed his dick was larger by the angles he was taking his pics from. I’ve been dickfished!
by Mochaloveto April 26, 2021
tyler sent me a picture of his dick and i ended up getting dickfished.. its on google.
by TheNotoriousBaddie June 24, 2017
When someone tricks you into liking them with fake penis nudes
I was dickfished by my last date. His penis was not the one he showed me online.
by MigSchu February 28, 2020
Getting sent dick pics that appear larger than they actually are.

Getting led to think a penis is better than it actually is
I was so excited to see Bob's dick, he has been sending pictures of it for weeks...... It's huge!
Bob pulled down his pants and he was hung like a hamster. 😳😬 I realized that I was dickfished. Damn it Bob.
by YourDadOwesMe July 26, 2020
Rob : hey let's go and participate in a trump rally

Jamal : don't be a dickfish man
by Sudo_man November 11, 2020
VERB, To represent in text form a picture of another man's dick in place of your own dick. Therefore dickfishing kinda like catfishing but with dicks instead of faces.
Hey bro you should totally dickfish that girl.

You're right bro, whip out your dick for a pic.

Nice bro now send it to her so she thinks you have a great dick.
by bonerocity January 11, 2021