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When someone is catfished with a dick pic. See catfish.
Much to Lily's surprise, Adam's actual penis looked nothing like the one in the picture that had texted to her. The one in the picture clearly belonged to Jamal. To her chagrin, Lily had been dickfished.
by Marco the Great October 25, 2013
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A more extreme version of 'catfishing' by either sending dick pics that are not your own, or could be outrageously misleading based on the angles
He said it was 9inches, but I definitely got DICKFISHED!
by Le_mobi June 13, 2017
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when you get catfished by dicks..
tyler sent me a picture of his dick and i ended up getting dickfished.. its on google.
by TheNotoriousBaddie June 23, 2017
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