The act of sending a false dick pic that is bigger and less ugly than your own, with the goal of impressing a girl and hoping she doesn't notice the difference.
Juhi, he totally dickfished me! It was definitely not the same dick from the pictures!
by Seth G. June 17, 2017
When a man gives an outstanding performance on the first sexual encounter, but then follows up every other encounter with no foreplay and 2 minutes or less of missionary.
Adrian dickfished me. The first night he ate the kitty, but the week after he gave me 30 seconds from the back and that's it.
by legendaryaura February 27, 2020
1. An occasionally retarded/weird yet exceptionally advanced individual with dangerously strong sexual urges. This rare species can walk on land, live under water and communicate with humans via their subconscious. Can walk long distances. Very strong immune system

2. A person that convicts themself on a daily basis of funding euphoria for terrorists.
A synonym for Dickfish is Neo.
by Karthief July 28, 2011
When someone is catfished with a dick pic. See catfish.
Much to Lily's surprise, Adam's actual penis looked nothing like the one in the picture that had texted to her. The one in the picture clearly belonged to Jamal. To her chagrin, Lily had been dickfished.
by Marco the Great October 25, 2013
Slang term for blonde catfish usually caught in the Sacramento River Delta. These catfish are usually the size of a nice penis.
"Did you catch anything?"

"Nah, just a half-dozen dickfish."
by King Festus December 4, 2005
When a man sends an unsolicited picture of a dick that is not his.
-His lil chubbers didnt look like much to be proud of.
-Are you saying he dickfished you?!

-I asked him what he was working with so he sent me a pic. When we hooked up it didn't even match.
-You got dickfished

-Bro I want to send a picture of my dick even though she didn't ask for it but it's ittybitty.
-Dude that dickfishing. Not cool man
by MotherOfWildlings April 15, 2020
A more extreme version of 'catfishing' by either sending dick pics that are not your own, or could be outrageously misleading based on the angles
He said it was 9inches, but I definitely got DICKFISHED!
by Le_mobi June 13, 2017