A nigga who can pull your bitch easily. He got a big dick and he got all the hoes.
Guy 1- you i just jovanny someone
Guy 2-wym... you took someones bitch bro?
Guy 1- hell yea dude
Guy 2- i wanna be like you when you grow up man
by Grandmaster123 November 21, 2017
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An amazing boyfriend who is always there for you and never will leave ur side don’t fuck with fake ass homies so if u ain’t a real one fuck off bomb as fuck dressed in his 501 and pro clubs BUT SOMETIMES dresses like a good boy smells so good the scent of him turns u on but he has a lady with nice curves and nice brown eyes so be careful bc she has his heart and he’s strongly attractive
Jovanny is so sweet you should totally meet him but he can be mean watch out
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A real nigga who gets bitches and has an 11 incher who fucks your mom every tuesday
He fucked her getem... nah holmes dats jovanny
by Your girl lol March 15, 2016
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a good friend that is always there he will never be fake or hang around fake bitches and when he loves, he loves hard he is just a good person to be around or hang out with but never make him an enemy of yours or you will regret it
sis, I had a date with someone and he was a total jovanny
by Jovanny123 March 14, 2019
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A dumb ass who is super gay all the time, he loves to suck on guys dicks. Also has a super bad pullout game. If you like hanging out with guys that suck dick, this is your man.
" How did you fit that in your mouth"

"that's nasty!"
" It's so small, must be a jovanny"
by Jovanny9999999 March 15, 2016
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