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A dick leach is a female, generally attractive and "experimental" in nature, who is desperate for the D and latches on after a one night stand. She continues to suck all the life and energy out of the men she meets based on her needy, immature nature, similar to the way a leach sucks blood.

Incapable of a mature adult relationship, the dick leach sucks her men dry of money and spirit, then grows bored and moves on to someone else who is capable of giving her the massive amount of attention she requires.

See also: Daddy Issues, Scottsdale Whore, Gold Digger, Train Wreck, Succubus.
Example 1:

"That girl seems like she is interested in me for all the right reasons."

"Nah bro, she's a dick leach."

Example 2:

"I thought we were both in agreement that it was a one time thing, but it turns out she is a dick leach."

Example 3:

"That dick leach left me weak and broke. I thought she was gonna be chill, but turns out she was dick leaching all along."
by Messwiat June 14, 2016
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