The testosterone-driven opposite of a "chick flick". Generally contains lots of car chases, explosions, and boobs.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 14, 2003
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1. A guys movie (the opposite of chick flick)
2. A gay porn movie
3. Shaking your dick after urinating
1. The Dark Knight is a dick flick.
2. I caught my brother jacking off to a dick flick.
3. I saw him dick flick out the corner of my eye.
by Ric.Hard July 10, 2013
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Function: noun
Etymology: West Coast slang; opposite of chick flick; 1985

1: A movie consisting of mostly ethno-male elements, action, saving a woman, revenge for a dead family, etc. The movie usually has back story in which the protagonist is told to be highly specialized, elite, commando, a seer with muscles, he-man, special forces, etc.
2: Any medium (literature, film, ) that is overtly masculine. A Charles Bukowski poem with drunks wooing hookers.
3.) Using the penis as a slingshot, post-ejaculation.
4.) A homosexual movie.
here was no way that John’s date was going to watch a dick flick with him.
by Nco November 17, 2003
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the opposite of a chick flick-- a movie that appeals almost exclusively to males
dude 1: "Man, Borat RULES!!!! i haven't seen that many girls watching it though..."
dede 2: "well of course not! it's like a total dick flick, man!"
by Hannah Freeman September 06, 2007
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the opposite of chick flick; a movie featuring men behaving dickishly;
All action/adventure movies are dick flicks even if a woman stars in them. Any movie with balls in it is by definition a dick flick. Dick flicks can be separated into sub-genres such as swinging dick flicks, limp dick flicks, slick dick flicks and dumbass dick flicks. In some cases a movie can start out as a chick flick but turn into a dick flick if Vince Vaughn is in it.
by Bon Mot March 19, 2010
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an action movie that appeals to men
"Um, Brit, where did Charlie go?"
"Oh, he went to see that dick flick called Transformers or something..."
by k!v@ October 19, 2009
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