is where two men stick their dicks together using their skin of their penis' and a little bit of spit.
God damn son, come over here with that tasty little weiner of yours and we will begin some crazy ass dick docking boo
by D-No August 27, 2008
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The act of shoe horning in tik tok videos into all other media as if it is not complete tween targeted embarrassing content
Man, scrolling through r/funny, wall to wall dick docking, either Reddit's average user is an 11 year old girl or dick dock needs it's own sub for people that have had a brain injury.
by Fresh_gumbo January 30, 2021
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The act of one man inserting his penis head into another mans foreskin.
hey, look at them two fags over there dick docking.
by getpwned27 March 3, 2011
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When two men pull back their foreskin with their dicks touching. One man starts by pulling his foreskin over his dick and stretches it over the head of the other mans cock. The other man then does the same. They have now dick-docked.
Let’s join together and dick-dock.
by Hello Yeah Yeah January 2, 2018
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A handlebar moustache, resembling a dock for placing the male genetalia in or around the mouth, most often seen on homosexual Mennonite firefighters.
He really needs to shave off his Dick Dock.

He loves it when you slam your cock on his Dick Dock.
by VPáJV May 19, 2010
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An activity where gay men stand on a dock with their dicks out and wait for stangers to come and suck them off.
Hey want to head down to the Dick Dock and see if there is anyone there?
by Ihaveaheadache211 June 23, 2009
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"I can't talk right now."

"Why not?"

"Because'm all up in this dick dock."
by siguario January 13, 2009
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