I shouldn't really have to define this but the other definitions were trash.
The average dick size is 4 inches (Not ten inches...) and the average girl only feels 4 inches, so if you're 29 inches, all you're doing is hurting her so no, the bigger does not = the better. I'm not entirely sure since no one has ever defined this but dick size is normally when non-erect. However some girls and guys measure when erect. To know how big someone gets when erect is normally the same, varying about half an inch or so. 2 inched non-erect = 3 inches erect. 3 inches non-erect = 5 inches erect. The pattern if you can't see is you take half and if you can't half that then you just round it (1.414 is half of two so rounded it's 1) Hope this explains things.
Joe: Man I'm so huge! I'm 11 inches!
Mick: I'm 7 inches.
Joe: AHAHAHAHA I'm so much bigger than you!
Mick: On or off?
Joe: On dumbass!
Mick: Well I'm off, so go fuck yourself.
Joe: ...Shut up!
Jenna: I like Dennis since he's 5 inches in dick size and it doesn't fucking kill me inside.
by Mr6inches August 28, 2009
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something very very tall/ big.
oh that guy is really tall!
he's diluc's dick size tall! WHOA!
by dickluc July 7, 2021
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Let’s keep this Real and Simple:

4 inches and Less-Small as Fuck (laughable)
5-6 inches- Average Size
7 inches-Above Average (some will call this the perfect size)
8 inches- Big Dick
9 inches and Above-Too Big to fuck
Take a outta a ruler or tape measure, and I’ll get the Dick Size Chart to see where you stand
by T.E.W. March 16, 2021
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Massively huge penis. Enormously engorged penis.
"Bro, You got a gavens dick size"
by Jason Humphrey November 15, 2020
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a huge fight involving lots of testosterone and large amounts of violence
There's a dick-size war over the managerial position
by JenJen November 11, 2003
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Nelson’s dick is a mega monster .
Size 20 inch
How was Nelson last night: person 1
It was great : person 2
Nelson dick size :

is a mega monster
by Yay a yay May 8, 2018
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