What someone wants to do to you,when they plan on fucking you over(and they have no intention of being good in any type of way),or it can also mean just getting screwed over in general....Also,it can mean something is just a bunch of BS.
“Man,this job is a total dick job.” “I’m going to fuck over this motherfucker(and not be responsible in any type of way at all).”.....”Look at this traffic,it’s a total dick job.”
by jim6471 April 13, 2021
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Two guys using their dicks to jerk off another guys dick (essentially sandwiching a penis between two penises)
Man those hot dudes gave me a good dick job

I gave my grandpa a sick job last night
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the act of one person completely screwing over another so all their friends can laugh obnoxiously and point at the unassuming victim.....this is mainly performed after baseball practice in a blue mitsuibishi outlander by four boys who run naked in the streets and touch each other with no qualms
group of friends: "hey lets dick job that bitch walking her dog over there"
dickjobber: "hey hey excuse me.....how do you get to route 9?"
dickjobbee: "well you turn left onto 516 then go down three lights and veer off to the right...youll see the signs."
dickjobber: "ok so left, 3 lights, follow the signs?"
dickjobbee: "you got it"
dickjobber: "thanks...thank you so much....oh and by the way....SUCK A DICK!"
by CAP'N SAC May 8, 2006
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To be on the receiving end of the act of fellatio, while at the same time shampooing their hair.
"Hey Steven, did you give Jeff a sloppery dick job?"
"Yeah, why?"
"...there's still some shampoo in your hair."
by Cole Stewart March 24, 2010
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A genre of sex acts; any sexual act that involves the penis other than penetration.

Blow Jobs
Hand Jobs
Foot Jobs
Girl 1: what do you reckon is your best skill?
Girl 2: oh... Umm, I dont know, ummm I guess I'm just good at all the dick jobs.
by Shmones November 1, 2021
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the females in armed forces who are neither qualified nor having the academic skills it takes. Hence wielding their beauty, rich connectivity and sexual tricks to hold onto the job.
Hope you saw those UJDS=uniform jobs dick suckers sent to set you up.
by Bomis Bakre Bamidele October 4, 2023
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