2 definitions by Robert (The Daddy) Armstrong

A secret society of African American men with massive penises that have been around since the beginning of time, with one goal of fucking all the tight juicy asses they can find throughout History.

They are led by a Large Swole Man named “Gerron the Big Black Sugar Daddy”
Dude I ran into the Big Dick Fuck Clan (BDFC) last night. My asshole is destroyed

Bro my grandpa told me stories about the BDFC they have been fucking asses since the dawn of time.

It doesn’t matter if your a man or a woman. The BDFC will come for that ass.
by Robert (The Daddy) Armstrong September 6, 2022
Two guys using their dicks to jerk off another guys dick (essentially sandwiching a penis between two penises)
Man those hot dudes gave me a good dick job

I gave my grandpa a sick job last night