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Concealing a boner by flipping it upwards, strapping it in place between your stomach and your waistband. Some guys may have to cover the tip of their penis with their shirt, making this a risky move in some situations. With practice it is possible to dick flip through your pocket, but this can take years to master.
"I had to dick flip like ten times during the date last night."
"I just saw John's tip sticking out of his waistband."
"I think Alex just did a dick flip."
"I've been dick flipping through my pocket since elementary school"
by Internet Exploder March 30, 2017
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when one flips the skateboard with their dick. Than lands and rides away.

How to perform.
Step 1: flip board with dick
Step 2: put dick back in pants mid air
Step 3: land and ride away
Dude i just totally dick flipped the five stair!
by flex mister flex August 24, 2010
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A move (used in wrestling) where someone flips the other person with their penis.
OHH! He just give him a dickflip!
by Agent_M5 June 10, 2018
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