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Where a group of guys are attempting to chat up the one hot girl in the bar , and she suddenly leaves for the bathroom leaving an awkward group of men who dont know each other , each battling to be the last man standing for her return.

A true test of akward silence ride out
John , Dave, Paul , Bob and Allan were all chatting up the blonde at the bar when suddenly she realised she needed to do her make up leaving the guys in a right old dick dump

Allan:........... emmm
by Rooboy222 September 20, 2009
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"I'm so nervous about my date tonight, I've got the shakes ! "

"Well for god's sake have a dick dump before you go !"
by i2oo March 14, 2013
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When a Male has sex with a female just to have sex. The girl means absolutely nothing.
I've been away at college and haven't gotten any. Now I'm just trying to dick dump.

Used as a title for a song by a rapper named Tight. "Dump that dick off in that ho"
by Izzy AkA Chevy_hYbRiD August 30, 2006
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