To be immersed in any enveloping medium (usually a liquid) to the height of one's penis. The absolute point of no return.
Kerri: Aw, the water is so chilly. Let's go back to the beach chairs.
Jake: Fuck that shit. I'm already dick deep.
by Babyspookysexy August 27, 2009
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(adj): A location, such as a party or club, that has a much greater amount of males then females.
"No way! I'm not going in there, its Dick Deep!"
by Alex H Walton January 9, 2010
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When you're to busy
Sorry Susan I cant hang out this weekend I'm two dicks deep in homework
by Rinucard April 10, 2019
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The act or committing, or being, thuroughly fucked. Usually seen or described in pornographic material, can be used anally, or vaginally, and in rare cases, orally.
"Danny deep dicked my ass last night"
"Joe enjoys the occasional deepdicking"
by Anonymous December 4, 2002
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I'd give her a deep dicking.
I gave the lesbian such a deeping dicking she is back on the team.
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A stroke used to keep her mind and body on you; regardless of time: distance: or circumstance.
When he said he had control of her mind and body by giving her that deep dick she hated to admit it but she knew he had a point. Instead she replied "Nah. Too far between visits for that."
by Choo Soul July 27, 2008
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1.(v) The act of thrusting ones phalic member (or "Dick") into the wet, hot gash of a female.
2.(v) What all (attractive) women need.
1. Damn Paul, when you gonna give that chick some deep dicking?
2. Chicks don't need roses, they just need deep dicking!
by Team JPD March 26, 2003
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