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(1)- Diapers are those ever so wonderful little things that have been around forever, and that are used on the bottoms of babies. They are the "catch all" apparel of any babies wardrobe or layette. Diapers, usually white in colour, rectangular in shape, and fashioned out of either a washable, or disposable type of material or fabric, are brought up between a baby's legs and fastened at the sides (near a baby's hips), with either safety pins (diaper pins), or sticky tabs, depending on which type of diapers one is using. Usually fairly bulky by design, diapers remain to be the most popular and simplistic method used today to contain the waste of babies under the age of 3 years.

(2)- Diaper design, a design which incorporates a geometric pattern, (diamond pattern), that can be found on much older English styled brick manor houses dating back as far as the 1400's. Diaper design, a pattern used in the assembly of hand stitching, quilting, and doily work. Diaper design is most often refered to as "diaper pattern", or "diaper work".
"Pampers" and "Huggies", just to mention a couple of popular names behind the manufacturing of babies disposable diapers. 100% cotton cloth diapers manufactured out of flannelette, birdseye, gauze, or terry towelling. "Snugabye" brand flannelette baby diapers.
by Lorraine Jorgenson July 14, 2006
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A disposable diaper, or cloth with plastic pants... used for babies, toddlers, children, adults, old people, everyone! Can be for medical reasons, for convenience, could be a fetish for some people. It allows them to go #1 and #2 , and contains there wet and messy.

Other slang names: didee(s), dipee(s),
tinkle-poopers, crinkle pants, baby pants, pampers (a general term, not just the company name.) , and os many more cute ones :)
I like to wear them at night so I don't have to get up. I don't know about you, but I go to bed to sleep, not to get up to go to the bathroom. Plus for people who like to regress for security, and comfort, diapers are a significant part of that. I use for conveince, and for regression. People need to lighten up about diapers. They are a Godsend.
by BabyVern February 16, 2004
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When describing a girl who has a round buttocks that is also known as bubble butt. And creates the illusion that she is wearing a diaper
by Mrizzo, Ramrizzy, Psexy March 17, 2018
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the thing that should replace underwear. its soft, and fluffy, and comfortable! also, it lets u completly avoid EVER using a toilet. just think, u could be at a party and need to crap, but cant find the moment. if ur wearing a diaper, then u can crap yourself and change yourself later. these are the new phenomenon that people of all ages should wear, not just babies. i want to wear them! everyday, and everywhere! and they can be cute 2!
if bush promised to make it a law that all people had to wear diapers i would vote for him
by diaperlover July 31, 2004
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A thing everyone should ware. While wearing one you dont have to stop what your doing so that you can releve your self.

Something to wear while traveling so you dont have to stop all the time to go.
Hey can you stop up here I've have to use the can, you should have worn a diaper so we would not have to stop.

Dude do you have a spair diaper I'm all out.
by JHCA May 11, 2006
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a soft sometimes mostly white fabric that feels good&is so soft all men&women should wear this!!!!
by nick October 27, 2003
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