To pleasure a women with one's hands.
i.e. 'Birdseye Fish Fingers', a popular source of protein in the UK.
"Dude I totally birdseyed Stacy last night!"

"I didn't feel like going all the way with Thomas so I just had him give me a birdseye"
by Sifromcott January 29, 2008
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means you are chatting waffle. you are chatting birdseye is another way of saying bullshit
I got a million pounds in my pocket, birdseye
by cozzaweknowthat February 10, 2008
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Bit of a wind up merchant who appears on the CFC Chat page
Likes to wind up other posters with strange paedophile like phrases
by Psychologist October 11, 2003
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A paedophile hu lives on an island with kids.
Yarr kiddies its the fish finger pinchers Com ere me hearties grab hold ov me mast an quick check me cannon balls. Giv em a gd ol rub oooo yehh
by MeAd November 3, 2003
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the essential facts, the straight dope.

Cut to the chase means what's the bottom line or conclusion.

"What's the birdseye lowdown?" is similar but also involves the key details.
Here's the birdseye lowdown on the Vig ...
by mandingoe September 22, 2004
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"Look out here comes Captain Birdseye!"

"Why do you call her Captain Birdseye?"

"Coz she's got fish fingers".
by poosnackadoo June 18, 2013
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