A fine-ass girl. She's shy, but once you get to know her she's not really shy anymore. She doesn't want the boys, the boys want her.. She is a good person, smart, beautiful, weird, thats not even all the words to name her...If your in a relationship with a Diana you better keep her, cause she'll act like a bitch and never speak to you again....
Person 1: Dereck is dumb
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: He broke up with Diana to be with some hoe and that hoe don't even like him...
Person 2: Shit, I'm finna try and date her then
Person 1: Too late, she has a boyfriend
Person 2: Well modda sick
by ---*DivineDi*--- January 19, 2019
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A really sweet, caring girl. Always smiling, even when she isnt happy, just to make other happy. Has the best friends in the world, and is gorgeous. She feel very self concious about her body, but in reality she is perfect the way she is. Funny, and always in a good mood, loves to watch movies with her friends. Has one really good guy friend, usually a very sweet guy, but also has plenty of great girl friends. She's the kind of person that you just want to be around. usually brown eyes and dark brown hair.
guy1: woah, look at her!
guy2: who, diana?
1: yeah, shes so pretty.
2: yeah dude, shes a real catch!
by i.love.diana. April 03, 2011
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my best friend, my soulmate and a whole angel. she has a heart of gold and i swear shes not real. she deserves the entire world. whoever knows her are blessed by the presence of an angel yall should be thankful 😤😤😤😤 the word angel means Diana wbk
synonym of angel: diana
by h4na March 19, 2019
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Diana’s are usually From Puerto Rico Or Caribbean.They Are Really Pretty and Are really nice. If You Tho get in her bad side you’ll regret it She Doesn’t Play. Diana’s Are Reallyyy goofy. Diana’s are the shit.
Jay- Who that girl ? She type hot
Brian- that’s Diana. She hot Right . It’s just in her name right ?
by Cccccccceceeeee October 07, 2018
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Diana is a wierd random girl. She has big ass and boobs. Has really big gorgeous eyes that are brown and sparkle so bright. She is someone you can always count on no matter what. And her smile i beautiful and makes you want to smile.
by wondermixa December 10, 2010
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A girl that knows her shit and is down to earth. Easy to get along with, usually brunette, and great in bed. She tends to talk a lot and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. She is bitchy if you make her mad, but a real sweetheart inside. Might I add, that she is very attractive and has confidence like no other. Although she may seem stupid at times, she is very smart and will kick your ass.
"Who is that girl over there? She's a hottie!"
"That's Diana..."
"Oh, that explains a lot!"
by love&faith0010 April 13, 2010
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a tall, beautiful, smart but slow at times, energetic, funny, and cool girl. always there for you no matter what but also needs you alot when there is a problem. if you get on her bad side then you are bassicaly stuck there. she will do anything to protect the people she loves. she has alot of friends and when she is around you she triggers your craziness and you can not help but laugh whenever you are around her.
girl: hey

diana: hey ma ninja
girl: (laughs)

diana: xp i no im funny
by brina09 April 01, 2010
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