Diana is a very considerate friend and very attractive. She is very modest and reliable. She loves to hang and can make you smile anytime. People always want to hang with her because she's a total blast. Don't mess with Diana though because she will tear you to shreds. She has a heart of gold and likes boys who are sweet yet built. Boys go crazy and want a piece of her. She has a banging body and the most amazing face you have ever seen. She makes everyone happy except for haters who don't even hate her. They're just jealous because Diana has so many friends and followers. She makes sure to get to know everyone. She can make me laugh any day and I just want her to have the best because she's been through a lot in her life. She's the strongest person you will ever meet and you will never forget her. If you're a boy, you want her. If you're a girl, you want to be like her. Diana is most commonly known as the "nice piece of ass" or the girl that the guys want to get with. They won't get her though. She typically is attracted to tall, Columbian hunks.
Andres: Dude. Like you could. That's DIANA. She wouldn't even give ME a chance.

Tyler: What're you talking about man? The ladies love YOU!
Andres: Yeah but still. There's something about her. She's gorgeous. WaaaaaaaYYYYY OUTTA MY LEAGUE!
Tyler: Be cool man. She's coming this way!
Diana: Hey guys! How's it goin?
Tyler and Andres: Bah. Dah. Gah. Lag. gargg. Uh. Um. HI!
Diana: Haha. Anyways, I'll catch you guys later k?
*she walks away..*
Amanda: DIANA! Andres SOOO likes you!
Diana: Naww. He wouldn't like ME...

Jasmine: Are you kidding? He like LOVESS YOU! Te Ama!
Diana: You're crazy. That's ANDRES.

Jasmine: Whatever gurl. Trust me. He's got it bad.

Tyler: Dude. YO GOT IT BAD!
Andres: I know..
Tyler: Why don't you talk to her?
Andres: Cuz that's DIANA! She wouldn't like me..
Tyler: You never know.
by Chicksoverdicks February 25, 2010
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The sweetest girl you've ever met. She's smart, beautiful, playful, caring, lovely.
She has very beautiful, mysterious eyes.
She's very witty and ironic at times but this is just a mask.

She can be the best friend you've ever had.
She's a delight in bed, always trying new things and making everything more passionate and intense.

However, if you upset her she may never speak to you ever again.

She is crazy and gets easily bored. Always looking for new things to do.
She can make your life much better and brighter.

Love her. It's all she wants...she'll love you back.:)
Who is that gorgeous girl?
O, that's Diana!...the hardest chick to get...
She'll be yours only if you love her..so she's not for you..:)
by DKZDKZ February 18, 2010
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She's sweet and kind, and cares about others. She has a great sense of humor and can crack some pretty good jokes at people. It takes Diana's a long time to warm up to people, so first impressions are so important to them. Everyone knows who they are, but they have just a few close friends.
She's been through a lot, and if you ever need a person to talk to, she's there. She's a good listener.
Everyone wants to hang out with her because she's so much fun.

She's not drop dead gorgeous but she is pretty, although she doesn't think so. She has such big beautiful eyes. Small and cute, she's so huggable.

She's always smiling, no matter how she feels inside. She hides her emotions until she's alone, and she's the strongest person you'll ever meet. However, her smile and crazy laugh makes everyone smile too.
She's got so many talents, but she's really modest, especially about her intelligence.
She has a great sense of style and probably wears glasses, but rocks them.

More guys fall for her personality than she thinks, but they're all too scared to tell her. She however, tells all of her secrets even when she knows she shouldn't. She's got a big heart, and falls for people easily. Don't break her heart. She'll be broken at first, but in the end, you don't want to mess with her.
"Man have you met Diana?"
"Yeah, she's the greatest girl ever."
by Y I K E S January 02, 2018
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Diana is a really pretty girl with an amazing talent to make people smile, laugh, and more. She is well known for having beautiful brown hair and amazing eyes you can look at all the time. Diana likes taking her shower but she might get annoyed if you call her while she's taking one. Her best friends name's might start with a L, K, C, T, D, N, and more. Diana has a lot of ibfs and she hopes she can meet them some day. And hey, she'll might meet me some day too.
Lilly: "call's Diana"
Diana: "what do you want, I'm naked"
by .__.Minezz December 08, 2018
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A great person thats nice,sweet,cute,and bestfriend. she have a kind heart with everyone,she has alot of friends that can help her with something but no one can replace her bestfriend thats a fact. Her smile shines, her kindness sweeter, just being her is great.
95% hope shes Okay

5% how dare you leave me alone diana
by Ashdep March 26, 2018
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With silky hair, emotionless grey eyes, and a quiet personality. At first glance, she seems boring but always manages to peek your interest. Many consider her popular, when in fact, she only has a few close friends she trusts. She is very modest, loyal, reliable, intelligent and kind to the people around her - however, is often misunderstood with her lack of facial expression. Occasionally, she'll smile the most beautiful and shy smile - you can't help but fall madly in love. In contrast with this shy personality, though, she can be very erotic in bed and loves to try new things.
Haruhi: That girl over there studying by herself... Who is she?
Ichirou: Hm? Oh, her? Her name's Diana, Class B.
Haruhi: Does she always hang around in the library alone?
Ichirou: Uh yeah, I guess. Why do you ask?
Haruhi: Just out of pure curiosity. I mean, she's pretty cute.

Ichirou: What? Are you crazy? A girl like that won't ever go for a lowlife like you.

Diana: Uh, please excuse my rude interruption, but could you please direct me to the history section?
Haruhi: AH uh yeah, it's just down that aisle-
Diana: Thanks.
Haruhi: *Blushes*
Ichirou: You're really an idiot.
by 懐かしい February 02, 2016
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A small girl who has an adorable laugh,her smile is contagious and would make you smile.She May seem happy but she has bad days as well but wants everyone else to be happy,she is smart and goofy and would make your life happier,but she also has a bad side which you never want to get on because of how scary she is but other then that , she’s amazing.
Who’s that girl with the adorable laugh?
Oh her, that’s Diana!
by loveKooky October 18, 2018
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