Consenting to anal sex in the hopes that doing so will inspire a boyfriend to propose.
"Sue knew that Drew was totally into anal sex, so she let him diamondback her. Now they're engaged."
by Rnbaja February 20, 2009
Diamondback keeps IM lists populated with all the "hunneys" he be straight pimpin. He occasionally gets called out and ridiculed on the forums.
"I was straight pimpin this bitch on AIM and she was like "I got a boyfriend! I totally pulled a Diamondback!"
by Mullet December 4, 2003
the intentional practice of unmarried heterosexual women to engage in anal intercourse prior to marriage, and then refuse afterward once that diamond ring is hers (punning on "barebacking").
Dan's really regretting this marriage: turns out his GGG fiancee turned into a diamondbacking pumpkin at the stroke of midnight after the wedding
by Ron New Mexico October 15, 2010
A woman who looks great from behind, but when she turns around shows off an ugly as hell face.
Dude, I already checked her out, she's a diamondback.
by ghost August 1, 2003
A human being capable of complete and absolute ruination, destruction, assault and murder without any remorse or care.
"Oh my God, here comes Diamondback. Dial 911."
by forsaken September 3, 2003