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1.A man who doesnt come under any pressure in any situation. because he believes in fate and nothing can change destiny.
2. an extremly lucky asshole who doesnt deserve his rewards.
did u see the indian team's field setting yesterday?. it was like they were being captained by a dhoni.
by chambidibutay August 19, 2011
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Dhoni: Calm under pressure

A person who doesn’t come apart under pressure, betrays no signs of stress (except perhaps an occasional twitchy nose) and can make an impossible situation look like a walk in the park. Ability to remain humble and matter-of-fact is a superlative.

(Derived from Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Captain of the World Cup-winning Indian cricket team)
I saw your auditions yesterday dude, you were such a Dhoni!
by DVSHGJ April 03, 2011
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