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1. Interspiritual name meaning "Of God" or "From God." Spanish "De" means "From", and in Hebrew, Ya is derived from the name for God; Yahweh.

2. Female name meaning "One who holds the light." Indian Diwali Deya's are lamps or dishes that hold the Diwali light. see Wiki
She's got an attitude; she thinks she's a real Deya.

The family had a tragic time, so named their new baby Deya believing she was a sign of brighter times to come.
by SongBreath May 25, 2018
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A person on the road, doing criminal activity. Jamaican slang for criminal. Used in UK frequently.
Who robbed the post office last night?
Rasclaaat, me haffi gun dem down
by Badman from long April 02, 2014
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is slang for hug; they are loud, anxious and daring, they love men and are total flirts. She is very simple and hates but lives in drama, and is very independent.
Hey there that kid, yeah thats a Deya right there.
by chill dude120021 November 12, 2010
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