Dexit is the nickname of the decision that Gamefreak (Developers of the Pokemon games) decided to do with the 2019 titles "Pokemon Sword" and "Pokemon Shield" where they decided that most of the already existing pokemon will not be able to make it into the games. This decision is controversial due to the fact that Gamefrak clarified that no future pokemon game will ever be able to house all pokemon species again, leaving the lackluster 3DS titles being the last games that have all (at the time) 807 pokemon coded in.
little Jimmy: Man, I can't wait to use my old Porygon in the new games

Brian: Jimmy, you can't do that anymore. Dexit happened, and that means most of the pokemon are gone
by that sketchy guy September 24, 2019
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The way that Dexter Morgan makes his exits from social interactions: he looks at his phone or watch and says, "I gotta go," and then he turns and leaves without saying another word, while also staring down whomever he was talking with.
"I gotta go," he said and he turned and left without saying another word while staring you down.

"He just made a grand dexit," she said.
by Idiotbrain August 21, 2013
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Referencing Brexit, Dexit is the fan given name to the decision of Game Developper Game Freaks to limit the number of existing Pokémon that will be able to be transferred from previous games to the Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon Sword and Shield. Only pokémon that are part of the Galar Pokédex will be allowed to be transferred and used in the games, with others not being coded in, but available to store and use in Pokémon Home. Future games are said to also follow this decision, with the list changing every time.
Person 1: Dexit means half the dex is gone !
Person 2: Dude, it's just one pair of games.
by Universe22000 October 31, 2019
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The decision to not enclude the national pokedex in pokemon sword and shield. It comes from a pun on brexit, and is sometimes used to refer to the National Dex Movement itself.
#dexit #bringbacknationaldex
by namerealpseudonym October 15, 2019
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pull out method using brexit referendum principles; generally this happens when you break the walls of confinement and pull out just before a union takes place between sperm and female egg.
Mate I was having a blast with that chick last night but my manhood had to dexit as she did not take the pill.
by mlulum June 24, 2016
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Dexit marks the day of transference of one Master Dewang Mulani from FoxyMoron's Mumbai office to the Delhi office.

It is observed on April 28th every year.

'Brunch and onwards buzz' is a common ritual during the day where people are seen necking alcohol until reduced to a crawling inebriated being.
We are going to Thailand for Dexit this year, the booze is so cheap plus the hookers turn very generous that day!
by Robert Anderson April 23, 2019
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