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Frank Mason, PG for the Kansas Jayhawks, aka Stoneface Mase

but officially BIFM, as in "Bitch, I'm Frank Mason", which is the chorus from a rap song (aptly named ) "Frank Mason" by the rapper RedHead who is also from Virginia.
"Did you see that clutch shot last night?! BIFM is unstoppable!"

"dude, BIFM is so badass he's got a rap song about him"
by Idiotbrain November 17, 2016
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The way that Dexter Morgan makes his exits from social interactions: he looks at his phone or watch and says, "I gotta go," and then he turns and leaves without saying another word, while also staring down whomever he was talking with.
"I gotta go," he said and he turned and left without saying another word while staring you down.

"He just made a grand dexit," she said.
by Idiotbrain August 21, 2013
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