Early, iconic Manga/Anime series by Go Nagai from the late 70's. The story is about Akira, a shy, somewhat spineless teenager who discovers a demon mask from ancient Mayan civilizations and becomes a demonic hero setting out to fight other demons.

Notable fans of the series include Glenn Danzig and Rob Zombie.
Devilman kicks serious ass! If your into anime like Elfen Lied and Hellsing then this series is for you.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 11, 2012
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When you ferociously eat a girls tits while squeezing them in a side to side motion
Guy #1:"I devilman'd the fuck out of sarah's tits last night
Guy #2:"Dude really??"
by Peachyboizz April 14, 2018
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#damit op that talks to much.
<Devilman> don't need two staff bonkers
by Devilman February 12, 2003
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tragic gay story,,
when ur crying bc new version u should watch the old one

also weird gurls in clubs, fooking awesome rap and yummy people
Devilman Crybaby - tragic gay story
by somsuper October 19, 2019
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Devilman Crybaby is an anime that will make you sob for hours. It's a sad gay story. It has boobs in it, twice. Also a cum ceiling.
person 1: Have you seen Devilman Crybaby?
person 2: Yes, I have been crying, slamming pillows, throwing things, hugging plushies for hours on end!
person 1: Let's sob together next time.
by Misa Amane is my babe January 1, 2022
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an anime that is extremely well written and 10/10 but it will make your happiness 1/10 and it will completely break you.
friend 1: why are you so sad?
friend 2: i watched devilman crybaby
by mr worldwides side hoe July 17, 2021
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My acc in starcraft, halo, and other online games...
used as :
wow that DevilMan is too good
by Ali P March 15, 2004
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