What you claim is a drinking game when you're a Supreme Court nominee who doesn't want to admit in public that you and another guy both fucked a girl at the same time.
Senator: Judge, what does the "devil's triangle" entry refer to in your yearbook?
Judge: Sir, it's a drinking game.

Senator: Really? How do you play?
Judge: ......... Have you ever played quarters?
by W00T0Ut September 27, 2018
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A drinking game invented by Brett Kavanaugh during the time he was running for the supreme court and lying through his ass to the Senate.

It involves three cups in a triangle. It's a quarters game.
"You know, devil's triangle. Totally not a sex thing."
by slifty September 27, 2018
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In the United States, the political situation in which all three, The White House, Congress, and The Supreme Court are controlled by the Republican Party.
If this next nominee to the Supreme Court is confirmed, there is a strong possibility a Devil's Triangle will have Washington, DC locked up for the foreseeable future.
by mlw11743 September 30, 2018
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Definitely not a drinking game that involves lining up glasses in a triangle and bouncing quarters into them. That game is called "Quarters."

Most likely a popular activity with certain Georgetown Prep boys in the 1980's.
"Did you hear Brett Kavanaugh's bullshit explanation for what 'Devil's Triangle' means?"
"Yup, he must think no one has access to Google."
by suddenvalley September 27, 2018
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Devil's Triangle is a sex game. The drinking game definition was added shortly after

sworn testimony before congress by a computer with an ISP traced to the republicans in congress.
A scumbag for how he tried to reframe the term Devil's Triangle to serve his own purposes and lie to congress.
by Truth Hound September 28, 2018
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A drinking game involving quarters and three beers where you and your friend Mark Judge sexually assault a woman. Popular with high school kids in the early 80's, particularly in the D.C. area.
S: Devil's triangle?

K:Drinking game
S: How's it played?

K: Three glasses... In a triangle

S: and?
K: You ever played quarters?

S: No.

K: Okay... It's a quarters game
by Undifferentiated Continuum September 27, 2018
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A lewd sex act involving 2 me , and one woman. Typically where the men don’t make eye contact, because it would bring their sexuality into question.
“Did you hear that Brett and Mark engaged in a Devil’s Triangle with Christie last night?”
by 35yearsontime September 27, 2018
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