An amazing guy athletic, kind, serious, funny and has a great attitude in the bed, not mentioning his way of getting the ladies.
Devan and I somehow got in the bed last night and man was it wonderful! The size of his penis
by Jenifer Titaz January 30, 2017
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She is loving and demanding and yes SHE is a girl. She is gorgeous and stubborn and has a sense in fashion. She is very organized and loves to organize. She loves shopping and she is a dance geek. She does school track.
Biily-Wheres Devan??
Bob-Cleaning her room so she can get money to go shopping
by Billy+Bob=Billy Bob February 20, 2018
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Nick if you’re reading this....

You just lost the game.

And now you owe me a milkshake

Unless I can beat you in bowling? Find me a swift boy and let’s make it a double date with you and Jess?

K bye best friend
Nick: Devan you owe me a fucking pretzel
Devan: what about the root beer?
Nick: that too
Devan: shit.
by SkskskLMAO June 20, 2019
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A kind, but confused guy. He is funny, family-oriented, loyal, athletic, and unique. His big, brown eyes will capture you as he looks deep into your soul. His occasional slight smirk will cause butterflies to develop in your stomache and your mind to turn blank. His brooding eyebrows allow for a serious, manly appearnce which is nicely equaled with a sweet, upturned nose. His hair a dark, brown curly mess easily will intertwine with your fingers as you play with his hair. His kisses are gentle and sweet with a hint of mint as he slowly shows his passion and love through his lips. He will stare at you in the most intimate moments and play with your hair making you feel the most secure and loved in the whole world. He offers you so much, but you always feel as if you cannot give him enough to express how you, too, truly feel. You wish you could spend an eternity within his warm arms. Your head snuggled into his chest as you slowly drift off to sleep hoping he will also present himself in your dreams.
Allen: Does Devan really love her?

Kathryn: The world may never know.
by LovelessHeart7 July 22, 2018
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Devan is nice, hot, funny, and really smart. He always knows how to make you smile 24/7. He is the best boyfriend in the world. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is so smart, even though he asks stupid sometimes.
by Taller10 November 14, 2019
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A hot boy with an amazing personality. Hell make you smile and laugh 24/7. He is the best thing to ever come into your life. The ultimate geek and weeabo boy. He makes your heart beat fast whenever you see him, such a beaut. And he gives the best kisses ever!!!
by Beepowo July 06, 2019
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