The embarrassing team of the NFC North. They only team in the NFL in which the fans try to get rid of their tickets.
"Horrible thing happened to me today. I accidently left 2 Detroit Lions tickets on my dashboard, and when I got out of the store, somebody broke the window and stuck 2 more on there!"
by AwkwardManHugs August 17, 2009
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The absolute worst-run sports franchise of the last 50 years; A franchise marked by ineptitude in the front office courtesy of William Clay Ford Jr.; A franchise with an oddly unwavering fan base that seems desensitized to losing; A franchise where the Superbowl is in early May(the draft) and the end of the season in October(8-10 games in); Most of all though, a franchise that is a sleeping giant(stop laughing), the Lion's have an unbelievably devoted following that would unite the fanbase of every pro and college sports team in lower Michigan. If this franchise ever gets a whiff of consistent winning(not 90s winning, where we went 10-6 and got smoked in the first round of the playoffs), a consistent contention for the NFC, the response will be enormous
Marty Morninwheg; Matt Millen helps the demise of Detroit Lions; William Clay Ford Jr.; Mike Utley; Barry Sanders
by zubitup April 15, 2008
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An NFL team that has a God-given talent for knowing how to lose games. They ALWAYS find a way to lose after leading in the fourth quarter. A rival team to the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.
The Detroit Lions are probably the best of the worst teams in the NFL.
by August 17, 2007
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The laughingstock of the NFL.
Doctor: "You know what'll cheer you up?"

Sick Patient: "What's that?"


Sick Patient: "Hahahahahahhaha!!11"
by Lon August 6, 2006
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Chicago Cubs of the NFL. A Team that good have Jesus as quarterback and still will lose miserably. Used to have the greatest football player of all time, but still couldn't even get to the NFC championship
Jesus back to pass... Throws it... But it's dropped by Roy Williams. Man the Detroit Lions suck
by Killer Kobe November 17, 2006
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Professional Football team in the NFL that was founded by Aslan (creator of Narnia)
After ensuring the survival of Narnia and crowning Peter, Susan, Edward, and Lucy as the kings and queens of Narnia, Aslan came to America and founded the Detroit Lions
by Pierre Grande October 5, 2009
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