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The absolute worst-run sports franchise of the last 50 years; A franchise marked by ineptitude in the front office courtesy of William Clay Ford Jr.; A franchise with an oddly unwavering fan base that seems desensitized to losing; A franchise where the Superbowl is in early May(the draft) and the end of the season in October(8-10 games in); Most of all though, a franchise that is a sleeping giant(stop laughing), the Lion's have an unbelievably devoted following that would unite the fanbase of every pro and college sports team in lower Michigan. If this franchise ever gets a whiff of consistent winning(not 90s winning, where we went 10-6 and got smoked in the first round of the playoffs), a consistent contention for the NFC, the response will be enormous
Marty Morninwheg; Matt Millen helps the demise of Detroit Lions; William Clay Ford Jr.; Mike Utley; Barry Sanders
by zubitup April 14, 2008
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