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Chicago Cubs of the NFL. A Team that good have Jesus as quarterback and still will lose miserably. Used to have the greatest football player of all time, but still couldn't even get to the NFC championship
Jesus back to pass... Throws it... But it's dropped by Roy Williams. Man the Detroit Lions suck
by Killer Kobe November 16, 2006
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The reason why American Football is called American Football is because it is mainly played in AMERICA. "Oh yeha, I'ma brit and american football is so ghey" Well guess what, YOUR COUNTRY DOSN'T EVEN PLAY IT, SO HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU JUDGE IT!? How many Americans do you see going to the cricket page and talking about how much they hate it? Hardly any, because we really don't watch or play cricket in america. How many americans go on the Rugby page and talk about how much they hate that? Again, hardly any although all those Ignorant europeans just seem to love to talk about how Football isn't as "hard" as Rugby. You know what? I've never seen a Rugby game, played it, or hardly know much about it, so I'm not going to spout of about how much I hate it like all the other ignorant europeans. You guys seriesly need to just 1.) Fuck off and start obsessing over you soccer, rugby, cricket shit rather than going on to Urban Dictionary so you can talk about how much you hate a sport your country does not even play or 2.) Actually watch/play/learn the damn game before you fucking judge!
Ignorant Person: American Football is full of fat people

American: Not True. Football players have been know to be able to lift over 300 lb. repeatidly, all that is muscle

Ignorant Person: Football contains no strategy

American: Not True, Football is the most strategic game on earth which is the reason dumbass Jocks never make it to the NFL

Ignorant Person: Soccer is the best sport because it's the most popular

American: Not true, Soccer is the most popular sport because any third-world country can play it becuase it only requires a ball and a net

Ignorant Person: Football is for pussys, Rugby Rules

American: Not True, although I have not seen a rugby game before, I know for a fact that football is harder becuase 1. Football is the most strategic game ever 2. The Injury Rate is higher in football than in Rugby and 3. The Most Common injury in football is concussions, while the most commen injury in Rugby are scratches...

Ignorant Person: Football is a gay name for a game that you catch balls with you hands

American: Not True, early football (Which was a LOT like rugby) Players only ran with their feet. In an attempt to make the game more exciting, they incorperated passing the ball. While I do admit that calling it football is stupid nowadays, what else would you call it, throwball? Runball? Crossbarball? Hitball? All those names suck.

Ignorant Person: Football is basterdized rugby

American: Not True, The games are VERY different from what I heard. Like in football you can pass the ball, in Rugby (I don't belive) you can't forword pass

Ignorant Person: Soccer pwns Americna Football

American: Soccer is far to flawed a system for it to be legitimitly compared to any other sport. The fact that this game contains no overtime, flawed whole points system, goal differentials and the sheer tedium of the sport makes it hands down the worst sport I ever saw. But that's just me.

Ignorant Person: Players are to stupid to know how to attack AND Defend

American: If I were to put offensive players in defence football would be a worthless sport to watch. It would consist of NO defence since players of defence are 10x as strong than players on offence (Excluding O-Linemen) It'd basicly be a game of pitch and catch, it'd be stupid and boring

So there you go, anseres to all your ignorant questions you europeans...
by Killer Kobe September 08, 2006
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Tupac was more than a rapper. He was a beautiful man that arose from nearly nothing. His Father was a murderer, his step-father was a murderer, and his mother was a crack addict. Tupac was raised basicly by the streets, and The laws he abided by were laws set by the streets.

Tupac has been called an amazing lyricist by fans. Often even professors would say how great his lyrics were. Tupac had the ability to create a song that anyone on earth can enjoy yet have it mean so much.

Tupac was stuck in the game at the end of his life. He did horrible things as a gang member, however regreted them all at the end. Tupac was a criminal, but struggled with the idea of it. He's seen people die around him from his father to his close friends, and forever had the question in his mind "Is there a heaven for a G?" I sure hope so 2Pac
"No memories, just misery
Painting a picture of my enemies killing me in my sleep
Will I survive till' the morning to see the sun?
Please lord forgive me for my sins
Cause here I come..."

RIP Tupac
by Killer Kobe November 14, 2006
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QB for the Indianapolis Colts that DOES NOT CHOKE

Peyton Manning would have 3 superbowl rings if he had as great a defence and as clutch a kicker as Brady had. QBs don't win championships, Coaches, Defence, and clutch kickers win championships. Tony Dungy always choked, even when he was with the Bucs, Peyton's defence is always no good, they can't stop the run and ultimitly that is what causes you to lose games, and Vanderjagt is the biggest choker in the league.

So what, Brady is 3-0 in superbowls, does that actually make him better? No, it just means he has a better supporting cast. Take away Deion Branch, Vinitary, and his defence he has 0 Superbowls. Period. Football is a team game, and it requires a team effort to win championships, Peyton's team NEVER seems to show up, especially his defence and kicker, therfour Peyton is excpected to get it done. Brady has a defence to fall on, Peyton does not, therfour Peyton is required to keep the offence on the field longer. Granted Edge James helped him out with that, it's still a LOT of pressure on you in the playoffs, and as a result you make more mistakes.

Why is it QBs are mesured in Superbowls anyway? How does winning a superbowl improve your arm strength? Your arm Accuracy? Your mobility? It dosn't. Peyton Manning has better arm strength, Arm accuracy, and even mobility than Brady, so how is Brady better? Because his team has a better defence and wins superbowls?

Besides, Brady isn't that clutch. In his first superbowl againts the Rams, he threw for 145 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. You call that clutch? Peyton has had 15 touchdowns in 9 playoff games. Anyone know what Brady's is? 15 touchdowns in 11 games. Peyton has had a perfect game in the playoffs in 2003 againts the Broncos, Brady has NEVER thrown a perfect game. Ever. I mean, if your Clutch, you HAVE to be in the two-minute drill, and Peyton has a HUGE advantage over Brady in that area, thus proving why he isnot only a much better leader, but also much more clutch than Brady with the game on the line.
Anybody who knows ANYTHING about Football would know that Peyton Manning DOES NOT CHOKE, his kicker and defence chokes. Brady on the other hand, had a kicker, a great coach, and a defence that was great, therfour he wins more rings. QBs don't win championships, Defence, Coaches, and Kickers do (Which is why Dan Marino never won a superbowl)
by Killer Kobe November 10, 2006
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Something that is on every definition, no matter if it deserves it or not
"A Sexually transmitted disease"
Person on Computer: *Thumbs Down*
by Killer Kobe September 07, 2006
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