the detroit football club which is never unable to lose a game. no matter what the situation, the lions can always find a way to blow the game...
marked by poor coaching, injuries, empty potential, bad drafting, and losing to minnesoda, and a bad O-line.
even thought it was 28-14 at the final 2-minuet warning, the detroit lions still foundaway to blow their 12-point lead
by steamboat runner November 24, 2005
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0-16 as of 12/28/08. litteraly the WORST football team in history, the WORST record in history, and the ONLY team to lose 16 consecutive games
the detroit lions are up 32-7 with 5 minutes to go!

*leaves the room*
*comes back 4 minutes later*

by someshortkidnamedjohnny:P December 29, 2008
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crappy Detroit football team...since 1970: 15 playoff berths, 1 playoff win; help me marriucci, you're my only hope
The Lions...
by LyingLions March 23, 2004
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The absolute worst team in the history of football. Did not win a single game.
2008 Detroit Lions
by prgray77 May 4, 2009
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Someone who is hopelessly convinced of something that has no chance of happening.
Bill: Hey, Ned actually thinks he's gonna get laid this weekend!
Jim: Ha ha! Yeah right...must be a Detroit Lions fan.
by Jucifer Jones January 29, 2008
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