A waste of money. The base game is overpriced, and the DLCs are even worse. There are microtransactions galore. The storyline is shallow, and the naming is shit. Like, a 3 year old can think of the name "Curse of Osiris", and "Forsaken". Also the game design is decent, but we've all seen better.

Moral of the story: Just get Warframe
Destiny 2 player: Did you buy the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC

Other guy: Forsaken? More like Foreskin!!!

Destiny 2 player: *dies*
by TheExtremeEvoker March 15, 2019
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destiny 2 is a shittier version of the destiny, it’s build behind a paywall and in a pathetic attempt to create popularity in the game they kill off the most lovable character #ripcayde6
Connor Munrow: destiny 2 is a great game!
Normal person: no it is not
by Theurbanguy112 October 24, 2019
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Destiny 2 More like Trashcan 2
Definition of Destiny 2 is "Trashcan 2"
by Cecilie Glu January 11, 2019
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Basically Halo but kid friendly. The blue guy acts like the red guy in transformers. The main character doesn't even talk. People get triggered off it usually the main source of a murder.

Basically a cool game.
Guy 1: hey wanna play destiny

Girl 1: no I'm doing a raid

Guy 1: it's alright I was going to show your a endless exotic farm

Girl 1: destiny 2 is for scrubs
by Lagan Pal October 22, 2017
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A game mode the induces pain the english language is incapable of describing as it will make you feel so empty that pain is the best description
Destiny 2 Crucible is pain
by Young Espresso December 22, 2020
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