A virus that began in the late 1990s and has spread rapidly on the internet in the 2010s, requiring users to pay in order to view articles on news websites. They began doing this thanks to users using Adblock.

Companies like The New York Times and various other newspapers began exploiting this to their fullest extent. And if you're trying to write a paper or something, expect yourself to lose a couple dollars to these greedy dorks. You'd better be off using Incognito Mode on Chrome if you want to get around them.
Kyle: Hey, were you able to write that essay?
Chris: No, every single website I visited is locked behind a paywall and now they're making me pay for an overpriced subscription.
Kyle: Screw those guys, they have enough money!
by The Real Driller October 11, 2019
The techy part of a web system that makes you pay dosh to get to the goodies...
It's behind the NY Times paywall, alas, but here's some snippets (from www.oildrum.com 02-May-06)
by Jaymax May 3, 2006