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A shy, but loyal girl. Love to be around people. She is very honest but she has to be able to trust you. She loves playing around and making jokes. she's sometimes very sensitive for no reason. she's fragile and she doesn't like to be hurt. she cares less about what people say. she also kind-hearted and free spirited. A simple yet complex girl who is Beautiful inside and out. Her loving nature and kind hearted spirit tend to have an effect on the opposite sex.People usually gravitate toward her and some may be jealous because dayumm she's on top of her game. Basically; Destine is fucken DOPE.-->you're just not on her level.
Destine is 100.!!!
by beyondamazing April 02, 2013
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A name

Destine is a boy who has a disease named Dermatographia. Destine has a big group of friends. He loves lots of things! That includes one of his new-found talents, singing. Destine is a bit in the rough in the edges due to some problems, but he manages ways to fix these problems without someone else. Due to him having dermatographia he looks fat, he isn't really fat though, he actually eats less then what other people do. He also has Narcolepsy and Cataplexy. (Both sleeping disorders) He's a very social awkward dude. He is very suicidal at the point of back masking his conversations. He also sometimes a suicide symbol in his school for his popularity of committing suicide. He is not heavily associated with memes, but he tries sometimes to "understand" these memes. Hes a hardcore gamer!!! (but also a hardcore otaku)
Destine, when will you give me the USB full of Tokyo Ghoul?
by The Gray Wolf April 15, 2019
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