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The name of a female, greyish, winged, yellow-maned Pegasus pony from Equestria and the My Little Pony world.
Derpy lives in Ponyville and her favorite food is muffins.
by Newmarduk November 1, 2017
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Believe it or not, there are still people who believe in a flat Earth.
by Newmarduk December 23, 2021
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In the Harry Potter universe, a Muggle-born is a witch or wizard whose mother and father are strictly non-magical.
The Muggle-borns are sometimes treated with disdain by witches and wizards with magical parentage.

Muggle-born: we are just as much part of wizarding society as you pure-bloods.

Pure-blood: who asked you, you filthy, dirty-blood Muggle-born.
by Newmarduk June 27, 2015
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