Denham's are very hard to come across. You are very lucky to ever meet one. They are TERRIBLE at making jokes, but are still funny no matter how retarded the joke is. Sometimes these jokes can get him in trouble, but this is usually because people don't understand him. Deep down, Denham's are very emotional and sensitive.

Denham's are great to be around as they are kind and compassionate.
They love listening to music and making their own music. The music they listen to usually connects to how they are feeling at the moment.
Have you heard Denham's music lately? It sounds so cool.
by Jane.VC October 16, 2017
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The act of getting a girl outrageously intoxicated, whilst maintaining a state of total sobriety, before proceeding to dominate said girl.
After pouring a pint of vodka down her throat, Steve took his lady friend upstairs for some denhamation, whilst casually sipping on his shandy.
by getitdownyadarlin October 23, 2010
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den-uh m


1. The lying asshole out of which only bullshit comes.

Old English denn ("a squalid or vile hole where one lies") + Old Norse hǫm ("a cut of meat from the hindquarters or buttock of a pig or similar livestock")

Anus, asshole, bang hole, bung hole, butt hole, doodie hole, fart pipe, hamflower, poop chute, pooper, puckered starfish, shit box, shit whistle, snuz, starfish, turd cutter, etc.
"That politician is a downright, double denham."
by Turdlock October 18, 2017
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From the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury,

Dentifrice is an old word for toothpaste, so when Montag hears Denham's Dentifrice, he is hearing an add for a new toothpaste.
Joe: Hey Rikki! You're teeth are so white! What toothpaste do you use?
Rikki: Thanks, Joe! I use Denham's Dentifrice
by livefree4evermore August 17, 2010
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A sexual manuever preformed by inserting a sperm-soaked finger into your partners anus and thrusting forcibly.

"Honey I'm ready to take our love life to the next step. Lets try the Dirty Denham."
by Clyde Donovan August 08, 2007
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This is when you are invited to an event, ask about the event several times over at least a week duration. Tell everyone you are excited about the event and then subsequently leave the event after 4 minutes.
'doing a Denham'
by Papa Smithy March 24, 2016
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denham springs is also known as hell
there is nothing to do in denham springs, because there is a trailor every other stop sign!
by denham springs hatin June 24, 2006
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