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What the United States has become under the Trump administration
Our democracy has gone democrazy since January 21, 2017 #ThanksTrump
by mjjjj07 August 18, 2017
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A mismanaged democracy;

A system of government where the elected representatives turn irresponsible and the civil society is forced to play the opposition. A problem faced by a democracy when it fails to elect sensible representatives;
The elected representatives of the country went democrazy pushing the civil society activist to go on a 14 day fast to restore democracy.
by LeoPaw September 13, 2011
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The action by which one such political parties members or party member refuses or fails to present themselves to perform their duties in the office for which they have been appointed.

A failure of the Democratic process perpetuated by elected members of a governing body by their failure to simply carry out thier duties.
14 Democratic Representatives went Democrazy, fleeing the state of Wisconsin to avoid voting on a bill they dislike.
by politicotimdini February 22, 2011
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from the word: democracy. Definition of a hot headed Democrat with strong middle class liberal views who often loses his/her temper when debating right wing conservatives.
That guy's a die-hard liberal, card carrying member of The Dey Mo Crazy Party!"
by boris lugosi October 01, 2004
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noun: any type of government for the people and by the people that also likes to PaRtY aLL th3 TiM3

adjective: as crazy as Democrats Joe Biden, Howard Dean or Denis Kucinich
"Yo man, Massachusetts is is such a Democrazy."

"I know what you mean, Barney Frank is democrazy!"
by spiderfrommars December 11, 2009
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