A slang for a supporter of the 2020 Joe Biden far left campaign for the presidency, use as a derogatory term by people on the right.
Those Demoncrats do not understand how far left their party has become!
by NoBiasDefos August 6, 2020
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The demonized version of US Democrats as described by conservative talkshow hosts. They may little resemble actual Democrats.
Mr. Rush: "Those Demoncrats in the Senate are taking the country to hell!"
by Rebel Bubba 2 November 18, 2010
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the username of the prettiest girl on tiktok. love or hate her, she’s still 100% funnier than you.
by demoncratsnumberonefan August 30, 2021
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A party designed to doom in our selves. Please, See Democrat party, its correct-politicaly alias
baby: Mom, Dont killme... I like live... dont vote demoncratic party. I love you.
murder: Man, dont fuckme. I like live to fuckyou... Vote for the shitty demoncratic party or I gonna killyou.
by Mighty erick August 8, 2006
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