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political party who raises taxes in order to fund goverment programs to build a stronger country.these goverment programs help the people of america. if you are rich it doesent benifit you to pay taxes because you dont got to worry about sending your kids to a good public school.
ive been in many good and bad schools but those well funded by the goverment were the one of the best highschools in the nation or state well anyway kobe brynat went to one of those(LM)now those that the goverment did not fund were real bad and they aint produceing shit the sad thing about it all theirs alot of smart muther fuckers who go to those schools
by idfuckanything March 16, 2005

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a fetish were people are put in restraints
if you come home one day and find your wife tied to the bed asking to be fucked it means she has a fetish.it also means you should keep her there and treat her like a prisoner because she will enjoy it plus she will always be honry meaning she wont be a bitch to fucking and she cant say no because shes tied to the bed
by idfuckanything March 15, 2005

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