A person who associates with causes such as environmentalism, pro-choice stance regarding abortion, pro-choice regarding drugs, appeasement in foreign policy, and redistribution of wealth to the poor through taxation. Sometimes influenced by their logical conclusions, or influence of their peers yet mostly the product of Liberally biased college professors.
Look at me. I'm a Democrat...I'm going to compare Bush to Hitler to get your attention. I'm so clever.
by redconfetti September 23, 2005
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Hippie faggot thats thinks they're more intelligent than the rest of the people.
Dipshit1: Dude! I'm so pissed democrat John Kerry didn't win this presedential election.
Dipshit2: Yes. Why can't we conserve human rights.
by DontHate May 15, 2007
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Someone who can take a bad Republican idea and make it worse.
Republican: Let's suspend the Bill of Rights.
Democrat: Great idea! Then, let's mandate everyone to eat their own feces to reduce their individual carbon footprints.
by Cunningest Linguist July 19, 2008
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A large bunch of anti-white/American asswipes who do not serve in the military. The Average Characteristics of the Democrat include: Selling United States Military secrets to every single facist/communist country out there, Staying home and not joining the military while Republicans and Conservatives do all the fighting for them, cannot choose between 2 sides of a political spectrum and has to stay to the left, and would vote a complete idiot who has no experience or IQ into the Presidential Office just because his skin color is dark.
Conservative-"Oh wow, I can't believe that Obama has been elected, hopefully he will turn out to be a centrist"

by poiarjgiurgn January 12, 2009
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One of the two major political parties in the U.S. run by rich lobbyists known for radical spending, special interest and high taxes.

see: Republican
The Democrat party represents its own self interest.
by krock1dk January 31, 2008
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a person of high moral conviction who votes and thinks with his heart and conscience, and not with his wallet. A person of true valor and integrity, who refuses to allow corporate greed and corruption govern his actions.
by Chris December 27, 2003
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1)someone who cares greatly what foriegners think such as Slavs, Frogs, and Krauts. Even despite the fact that the USA has defeated or saved all these people numerous times.
2) people that say they stand for the little man, despite all poor people vote republican and all rich people vote democrat.
3) people that want to cut the military funding even though foriegn nations in the middle east are getting more aggressive every second
People like Hillary Clinton are carpet bagging democrats that have never had a real job in their lives.
by popisdead February 07, 2005
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