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A nickname for the Chinese coronavirus of 2020.
The Wuhan virus ruined all kinds of people’s plans in 2020.
by bendover91 August 1, 2020
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A left wing propaganda “news channel” that ford as msnbc and is so biased and anti American that it’s a favorite among the North Korean generals.
All 10 of mslsd’s viewers got excited when the Rachel madcow show started.”
by bendover91 May 8, 2020
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A person who believes it is the government’s job to take care of him/her at the expense of others. A person who believes it’s the government’s job to protect him/her from getting offended or a person who believes that the government is the solution to all problems.
Karen is a lazy whiny bitch. She’s likely a democrat
by bendover91 November 20, 2020
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The nickname for the anti Semitic US rep named illhan omar who illegally married her brother.
Illhan Omar is such an anti Semitic shitstain that she picked up the nickname as the brotherfucker when it was revealed that she married her brother.
by bendover91 February 11, 2021
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