A goofy funny good looking dude. Funny as hell and goofy when he gets comfortable around you. He has good hair, and is a very passionate person who is very good in the bed. He is very commited what he sets out planning to do. He is also very confident person in general, but can be incredibly shy at times.
Ha stop being a Demetris
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by All true 999999999 March 13, 2017
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The best best friend in the world. honestly hes the coolest motha fucka ever he has sweet hair and is a sweet heart <>> and is the biggest faggot you will ever meet! emofag. :3
a wild demetri in my bed!
by Kingoliverfag May 04, 2013
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literally the biggest freaking loser i have ever met
Person 1: Hey, have you met Demetris?
Person 2: Yeah, he is a freaking loser.
by bluestar155 August 17, 2019
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Demetri is a very handsome boy usually dated by Addie’s. Demetri is Mexican and has brown hair. Can be called demetrios or “d”. Demetri is a very nice boy and always has something funny to say.
“Hey demetri wanna go out” girl #1

“No he likes me!” Girl #2

ladies ladies there’s plenty enough of me to go around” demetri
by Gigi hannigan December 05, 2018
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Someone who makes cheesy jokes and is the only one laughing at them, though he is super sweet and emotional. He loves a good game and is a bit of a rule follower so don't be a cheater. A Greek name originated from the Greek Goddess Demeter.
Wow he's laughing at his own joke. I bet his name is Demetri.
by ASL4life January 28, 2017
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Someone who says racist stuff to black people
Jim “Yo remember when demetri said the N word to Ryan”
Bob “Oh yeah that was mad racist”
Callum “Fuck up”
by Will Bondage November 12, 2018
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