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The best thing ever!!!! it is really hot and kills loads of people, and destroys more than it gives, and permanently injures millions, and is hot, and reddish orange, sometimes yellow or blue, even white, depending on the temperature, coldest to hottest respectively. it heats houses and is basically a huge energy mass of raw heat that consumes oxygen, and any flammable material in it's general vicinity.

may also refer to particularly good weed.

also a metaphor used as a substitution to "hot" as in appealing in appearance. "on" precedes it on most occasions.
1. i love fire, but our house burned down the other day.

2. This shit is FIRE! i can't even feel my own appendages!

3. That bitch is on fire!
by stonerking11 June 15, 2010
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Delsym is arguably the greatest over the counter cough syrup to get fucked up on. it contains high levels of Dextromethorphan, or DXM. DXM has been known to alter the function of a human mind. there are two bottle sizes of Delsym, the only difference is the dosage information and the volume. When you down a small sized bottle, you get a sort of "everything in life is perfect" kind of fucked up. when you down the large sized bottle of Delsym, you have a major trip, hallucinations and all. Long story short, with the little bottle, you see the dragons, with the big bottle, YOU ARE THE DRAGONS. you might get addicted to it if you try it, so definitely use the small on your first try, if at all. you might never waste money on acid again, but need some really good weed to not go insane. you should always have a babytripper in close proximity when fucked up. also, avoid vomiting at all costs.
1. I hope you don't vomit, you just got fucked up on a little bottle of Delsym.
by stonerking11 April 18, 2010
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