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A Suburban city in Burlington County, NJ.

Alot of people who reside in Delran are obsessed with sports. I work with a lot of young people from here and they can't spell very well but can recite sports facts ad nauseam.
But the most obvious trait of a Delranian is interracial relationships and half breed offspring. On a typical day in any store, it is not uncommon to see parents and granparents proudly parading their oreos up and down the aisle while talking about the Eagles.
by Underdoglady2 April 20, 2011
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A pretty kickass town. They beat all neighboring towns in any type of sport or academic competition. Most residence of the town smoke weed, drink underage and party 24/7. And the funny thing is that event though this town does all that shit, it still kicks the rest of the County's ass.
Delran will kick your ass, your towns ass, and your dog's ass in on asshole tearing kick.
by GetMoney&FuckBitches May 03, 2010
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A town in New Jersey that hosts literally the most biotchiest lacrosse players ever. Their fans literally brought a cowbell to one of the games, as if to say the girls are animals, live in a barn and eat hay. Well, that sounds about accurate.
Wow those lacrosse players from Delran really are biotchy.
by uhm idk April 29, 2009
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