1. Irrational through illness: Irrational as a temporary result of a physical condition such as fever, poisoning, or brain injury.

2. Excited: Extremely excited or emotional

She's delirious with joy.
by Jafje April 03, 2007
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The state of being Crazy... over a boy or girl. The feeling of crazy in love.
That boy made me delirious. When he looked in my eyes. (the song: Delirious- vistoso bosses.)
by Dodo(: September 13, 2009
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the lizard man who speaks in tongs. He wrestles in Ring of Honor, IWA: Mid-West NWA Midwest among others.
Delirious > You

Delirious: gibberish, giberish
by Mike January 08, 2008
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One of the greatest stand-up shows ever. From the time when Eddie Murphy was still hilarious.
Guy 1: Dude this is delirious!
Dumb guy 2: Why is this delirious?
Guy 1: No, Eddies show is on tard, shutup and watch.
by DylannH January 26, 2009
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An Car/Truck customization car company in Lexington SC that is just an awsome gourp of guys that love to work on car. So if you want a job done on your car by true car guys then hit them up.

the job tht they do will leave you in a delirious state of mind.
by Hamer April 16, 2009
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A drug that inhibits acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter used in the vision, hearing, and memory. This causes vivid hallucinations completely indistinguishable from reality, and usually extremely uncomfortable side effects like restless legs, drowsiness, sensitive eyes (expect to wear sunglasses for days after trying datura), unquenchable thirst, and dry, sticky eyes. The most common hallucinations are small insects, but the hallucinations grow more intense as the dose increases. Users may talk to people who aren't there, see zombies clawing at their windows, smoke phantom cigarettes, see blood dripping from the ceiling, etc.

People take these for fun, but most of them never do it again. The experience is certainly not recreational, but it's like asking people, "if you could live a nightmare in real life, would you?" Some will say yes.

Most deliriants are cheap and fully legal. They include diphenhydramine (Benadryl), dimenhydrinate (Gravol), datura (jimson weed) and amanita muscaria (fly agaric mushroom).
Take it from me, don't try deliriants.
by stormchasar May 19, 2010
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Adjective; Someone that expresses uncontrolled excitement of an emotion.
1) He was deliriously happy when his crush texted him.

2) People get deliriously excited when they a person wearing a yankee hat with no brim.

follow me on insta @deliriously ;)
by deliriously April 24, 2020
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