Synonmym for cool Can be used as an adjective but in most cases as a goodbye.
Hey bro, where did ya get that shirt, it's deli.

I'll see ya later man, stay deli.
by The Drake January 06, 2005
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a term used for a drug dealer
mainly one who sells ham, AKA marijuana
by The Doc March 03, 2003
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1.the formation of the female body or ethnic background that is classable as a deli
1.aDaym that female is beautiful..she looks Oriental and black mix.. Thats a Sweet and Sour Neckbone Deli

bhey! hey! look how that woman walks..its like shes almost walkin crooked.. haha.. Sidewinder Deli!

cwhat the fuck.. that woman is just fuckin weird looking... UFO Deli

dof shit...that woman is huge...damn,she has no neck either..haha.. Queen of Harts Deli!
by Ted April 06, 2005
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term used to desribe an overused, old, or somewhat haggard vagina. Can also be used while referencing various types of deli meats.
Look at that shit! Looks like slices of roastbeef. That bitch has a damn deli down there!
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006
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a kid that is addicted to his phone and is great at games
β€œawh shittt it’s DELIS”
by pinhead123 June 08, 2019
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