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a place where, depending on your looks, you are classified into. why does it matter if you're a prep, gangster, ho-bag or what? you are what you are. high school is worthless. In no such way will it ever give you the skills you need for the real world.
"oh god im not wearing the designer jeans like everyone else."
"looks like your life is over!"
by The Doc February 04, 2005

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Something large, obvious and outdated, designed for idiots to use
The numpty buttons on the screen make the application simple to use and easy to navigate
by The Doc July 15, 2003

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an incognito term for marijuana
helpful when trying to be discreet
Hey man, is the deli open cause I need some ham.
by The Doc March 03, 2003

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a term used for a drug dealer
mainly one who sells ham, AKA marijuana
The deli is open for business...
by The Doc March 03, 2003

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