Something that is incredibly amazing and unbelievably talented.
Daaaaamn that new TV Show is real Delfin.
by DUCROO November 27, 2010
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A girl with the biggest booty of them all aka sexy peach
Dam that girl is Delfin
by Moldy toast November 5, 2020
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1.Spanish word for dolphin.

2.A cute nickname
1. While in Mexico, we went on a "Delfin tour."

2. heyy delfin how ya doing today? =)
by sarabear92 August 1, 2009
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A sordid and rancid tree with the ability to move freely among the population. While only native to the Philippines they have evolved and studied ocean currents to float to other islands in the pacific, more specifically New Zealand. While passing their perennial stages they start to develop compulsiveness to other biological organisms which include tobacco and Japanese girls. These hideous creatures lie constantly for financial gain and sometimes even pointless reasons. Instead of gaining nutrients through photosynthesis these creatures anchor their roots into the "goodwill" of others constantly freeloading and lying to the hand that feeds them. While these disgusting parasites always freeload they sometimes give up anal sex for a way of enhancing their chances of receiving goodwill which can result in using up to a bottle of lubricant every month. You are likely to find a Delfin at the local starbucks or timezone wasting money and not getting any better at Tekken especially in regards to air volleys. Their obsessive nature makes them very aggressive and unpredictable especially when their mai is threatened. The common enemy of this species is a Harroon. This Haroon is a rag headed sand nigger who can obtain mai anytime it wants. The ancestors of a Delfin are often shirtless and siblings of a Delfin often have similar names resulting in the combined initials of KKK.
Example 1:
Delfin: Mai please talk to me I love you, JUST FUCK OFFFFFFFF, I have a pink car, Kazuya.
Haroon: ALLAH!

Example 2 (verb):
Jameson: I don't smoke
TT: Stop being a fucking Kenneth/Rommel cunt.
by Vincent John Steele October 19, 2011
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Delfin is a pack of cute men who pick up alot of bitches and fuck until their dicks fall off
by Delfin February 19, 2017
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The act of having balls, but never using them. This applies to men who would seem to have them, but in fact do not.
Mitchell could have hooked up with Annie, but he was delfining in the corner.
by PussyMcDickFuckYourAss April 7, 2013
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Delfine is a name that is just the qUirKY form of Delphine, usually given by parents who want to sound french but with some spice. A Delfine is cool and mysterious and never fails to make you smile. Also just sounds like a dolphin which is funny.
A: whoa dude that girl looks like she’s straight out of the London Fashion Week!
B: bro she’s such a Delfine
by Hahanicedude June 9, 2020
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