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The United States Merchant Marine Academy is one of five Federal Service Academies along with USAFA, West Point, USCGA, and USNA. Its mission is:

"To educate and graduate Merchant Marine Officers and leaders of Honor and Integrity who serve the maritime industry and armed forces and contribute to the economic, defense, and homeland security interests of the United States."

Graduates may enter into the maritime service or take a commission as an officer in any active or reserve armed service. Located in Kings Point, NY, the academy is highly regarded and well known for producing some of the nation's brightest and most successful military and business leaders.

That being said, it is a great place to be from, but not a great place to be. It is notorious for being ranked as the school with the least happy students, and some of the worst food and dorms in the nation by Princeton review. See: kappa pi sigma.

The academy was dedicated on September 30th, 1943 as a result of the need for merchant mariners for the war efforts of WWII. On February 20th, 1956, it was permanently established as the fourth federal service academy.

USMMA is a four year college, and one of these years is spent at sea on real merchant ships and visit an average of 20 foreign ports. Every graduate will have 300+ days working on a merchant vessel, and will have either a 3rd Mate's of 3rd Assistant Engineer's license.

No matter what any of the other state maritime academies may say, USMMA is still the best. They are simply jealous that they got rejected from KP and have to pay for their education. Known also for breeding alcoholic womanizers and swearing sailors alike.

"Hey man I heard you're going to USMMA! Congrats! How is it there?"

"Kappa Pi Sigma, man. The girls are ugly and the food sucks nutsack, but it won't matter when I graduate as a 3rd Assistant Engineer and start making fuckin' bank."
by Captain_Iraq January 22, 2009
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United States Merchant Marine Academy

Situated across from the ONE and ONLY best Maritime College in the nation, SUNY Maritime, this college likes to boast that it is a federal service academy and that it's free, when in fact it is niether of those.

In a recent televised special on U.S. Federal Service Academies, USMMA was not included (in fact, it was rejected for consideration) AND as of the mid-2000's one must pay a normal college tuition to attend.

Contrary to what their graduates and staff say about their cadets' post-USMMA careers, they are hated in the working world, and several shipping companies actively maintain directives stating they will NOT hire their graduates because they possess poor attitudes and a sense of arrogance that pisses off everyone at even the highest levels of management.
USMMA kids think they are special cause they got "appointed" to attend. That just means the regular Maritime College cadets had to work half as hard as them to earn the same degree and license with ten times the respect at the end.
by oolalaaaaa September 04, 2010
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