Deka is a nice friend really funny calm but you don't wanna get on her bad side.
she has nice funny loyal friend that are Kelsey Binta Lilandra
by yagirlpotato January 13, 2019
deka (DEH-KUH)

Greek prefix for the number Ten (10), decimal unit prefix in the metric system

Deka/Deca is a Slang term for $10 (Ten Dollars) in Trap terminology
Juug: YO how much for a gram of that loud cuh
Elfresh: Got A Gram of grandaddy purp for the 'Deka' all day
Jugg: Let me get a Dub
Vuno: let get me a G too homie
by Elfresh April 27, 2016
Swag rob main that's swag and gets bitches
by Not deka ssb January 4, 2021
A dead chain of New Zealand low-end cheap department stores, similar the The Warehouse. The last DEKA sign is in Hunty , a town around 1 hour south of Auckland in the Waikato. All DEKA stores either closed or were converted to Farmers stores in the early 90s (?)
Huntly is shit. It has nothing.
What about the DEKA sign?
Oh right.
by benrad July 21, 2019
A zipcode "like" postal code for Karlsruhe, Germany. Instead of all numbers they use all letters.
"When I sent Charles a letter I made sure to put DEKAE as the postal code."
by Dekae January 20, 2007
a VERY important item that this user {Ze-0 needs.
'deka fumo'
by ze-0 March 10, 2021
A Signature Move involving a reach around from a feminine chubby black male..
That porn was full of Deka Haze.
by EyeDrvaforrunner March 14, 2019