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Is a great man with a great heart and loves to play football and looks to play in the NFL some day he is also a good looking and is a loving person and lives the best at what he does
Dejuan my nigga
by That's my nigga August 27, 2017
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He is usually loud, he is a really good person overall but DeJuan is usually lazy. DeJuan is a person whose name you will mess up all the time, Juan is usually a Mexican name, so you may be confused on how to say his name.
Aye that's my nigga dejuan+!!!
by Dboifresh0913 January 07, 2017
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Dejuan works for what he wants he is usally shy he lives to play football and plans on being in the nfl if he pushes himseld more he will be unstoppable
Dejuan works so hard.
by💯 March 14, 2017
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A person that is not actually of Mexican descent, but can be blamed with the other mexicans taking over North America.
Originally from the phrase: "Hey, Bitch, Gimme back my Job, you dirty mexican!" The name was added closely after families with caucasian descent have realized that the name Dejuan actually stands for Dirty Taco's.
Dejuan: Stop calling me Dejuan izzy, Im not mexican! Im vietnamese!
Izzy: Shut the hell up and finish that salsa Dejuan.
by Totallyhopeless June 17, 2009
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Short black fucker get his neck stepped on by terrell usally hang with bums like michael they name is usally harney
Ewwww look at that bum dejuan with that fat fucker michael
by That nigga nigga September 09, 2018
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